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  1. No worries, glad to help :)
  2. I know I said I'll be cosplaying as Laura from Logan, but I'm also going to be cosplaying as Undertaker from WWE (I have a replica you can see who I am xD) Thankfully, the claws are plastic as said before and the belt is plastic too (not the kids "toy" version, it's a commemorative replica belt, but the actual plates are made out of plastic so...yea lol)
  3. @wjbleming - yep, you've gotta tap the contactless/oyster card once for going and once again for coming back. Like I said, it's only £1.50 per person per way so it's well worth the price.
  4. Thank you for the help Raylenth, very much appreciated :)
  5. Why don't you check on eBay or Amazon? Usually they have some great bargains there, I actually managed to make my entire Logan Laura/X23 cosplay from eBay!
  6. yup, I cannot tell ya how many times I nearly came to getting frustrated with the contactless payment with my debit card lol.
  7. So I'm wondering, what is the policy on mobility scooters at LFCC, as I cannot officially now walk around due to my arthritis being more severe, I need a mobility scooter, can I use it inside Olympia or would I have to leave it in the boot of the car if I was not allowed?
  8. It's £1.50 per person per way via the bus, my mom and I found this out last year at LFCC and it made our trip easier as we didn't have to call for cabs/taxis to take us to and from the Olympia.
  9. I'm getting signed - Tom Wilson & Christopher Lloyd - Back To The Future monopoly board Selwyn Ward - Power Rangers Monopoly Board Phil LaMarr - picture of Futurama that I printed out on a 8x10 photo page Kevin Kleinberg - Power Rangers Monopoly Board Michael Copon - Power Rangers Monopoly Board John Cleese - Monty Python book Margot Kidder, Jack O'Halloran, Sarah Douglas & Terence Stamp - Superman 2 poster Walter Koenig - Star Trek: Motion Picture poster.
  10. I'm getting autos from - John Cleese Walter Koenig Tom Wilson Christopher Lloyd Kevin Klienberg Michael Copon Margo Kidder Phil LaMarr Terence Stamp Sarah Douglas Jack O'Halloran Selwyn Ward
  11. Sooo got my captain america cosplay, but the pants don't zip up, so I need to get my aunt whom is a seamstress to fix that (and make it fit over my belly so that there's nothing showing), so for that, I'm cancelling my captain america cosplay for LFCC but, since Undertaker has announced and confirmed his retirement at Wrestlemania two nights ago, I'm going to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the legend and cosplay as him with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Big Gold Belt)
  12. That is true lol.
  13. Question. With the Sons Of Anarchy photoshoot with bike, would you be able to sit on the bike? I'm wondering cos if you can, then I may get a picture with me as Undertaker if I can afford it of course lol.
  14. Now that he's a WWE Hall Of Famer, how about Kurt Angle again? I missed my oppertunity to meet him at LFCC last year...or the year before (I can't remember which one he was at!)
  15. It's true, oh it's damn true! Watching the video, I was wetting myself laughing so much by Kurt doing his old shtick like "Jimmy Crack Corn", Sexy Kurt etc, he even brought back the old small cowboy hat he used when he was in the skits with Austin & Vince McMahon as well as his wrestling cap and the wig he used after Judgment Day 2002. He looked so happy to be back, I honestly cannot wait to see what he's doing from now on, rumor is he MAY be the new GM of Raw, but it's a rumor. Can you imagine the matches he'd have with the likes of Nakamura, Joe, Roode, Styles, Rollins, Reigns and others.