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  1. IF it is a two toned one and has a orange plastic tip on, then you'll be fine...however, I'm having to ask a question about cosplay props myself due to what happened in Manchester a few days ago, so I would say you'll be fine...however, keep an eye out that you may get asked to hand the prop over IF they think it's needed.
  2. Yea, think that'll be the case Wrong Name. I unfortunately won't be very pleased if I have to give up my X-23 claws since as I said in the above starting post, it's made of plastic so it wouldn't hurt anyone, plus it's not technically a weapon. Guns, yea, I can understand but I would say only ones that are black coloured without coloured tips as well as swords/katanas that are wrapped shut that cannot be used or sheathed completely - i.e. Deadpool, Bleach characters etc.
  3. So...I know other conventions are doing this - not allowing certain props into the convention - i.e. katana props, sword props, gun props due to hightened security in Manchester, what will LFCC be like, will it be the same, I'm asking as I am going to be cosplaying as x-23/Laura from Logan one day and wondering whether I'd get my prop claws taken off me but I don't think I would since they're plastic and going by the rule "If you hit someone with it, would it break", they would break.
  4. I can't wait to meet Mr West himself, I'm so gonna try to not go up and say "Hi Mr Mayor!" XD (since he is in Family Guy as "Mayor Adam West"), I've even got the Batman 1966 Film poster for him to sign and IF and WHEN Burt Ward comes along to LFCC, for Burt to sign too.
  5. "My name isn't Adam We is it?" "Nobody messes with Adam We!" Was watching that episode of Family Guy when I read this XD
  6. last year in the photoshoot with Blake Foster (Blue Turbo Ranger), I used my MMPR Legacy Morpher/Jyurenjaa Dyno Buckler prop and the only issue the camerman had, was the fact that it was covering my face when I was set to take the photo so he said "can you move the morpher down a bit?" in a very nice tone, which I was like "sure, sorry about that" and the guy said no problem.
  7. Yeah, that's fine, as long as it has a "two tone" colour and has a tip on the end.
  8. yup, I almost passed out in my doctor who 11th doctor cosplay. And to answer your question, usually there are some cosplayers who do anime.
  9. It was around 21 degrees I think, I know I was sweating bullets cos I had to change out of my MMPR Red/Tyrannoranger cosplay because the sweat was making the suit bleed! I hope it isn't because my Undertaker WWE cosplay is mainly spandex as well as faux leather for the main cosplay and real leather for the gloves and boots!
  10. I just hope it's not going to be hot again like last year or the year before...or the year before that...
  11. @ehmahh - what about Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite?
  12. No worries, glad to help :)
  13. I know I said I'll be cosplaying as Laura from Logan, but I'm also going to be cosplaying as Undertaker from WWE (I have a replica you can see who I am xD) Thankfully, the claws are plastic as said before and the belt is plastic too (not the kids "toy" version, it's a commemorative replica belt, but the actual plates are made out of plastic so...yea lol)
  14. @wjbleming - yep, you've gotta tap the contactless/oyster card once for going and once again for coming back. Like I said, it's only £1.50 per person per way so it's well worth the price.
  15. Thank you for the help Raylenth, very much appreciated :)