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  1. Anyone know if the sales desk take... I Owe you Vouchers, I have lots of them to get rid off?
  2. I think your right. Mine shows John cleese on sunday with photo shoots. He is only doing Saturday?
  3. Just a Heads up, A Private Signing with Harry Fielder has been added to the Pre Order shop. Well done SM...
  4. Ok, I have just turned up outside Olympia and set up my camp outside the front door. Security have just given me some apples. I forgot to pack the Wine gums, so if anyone is passing by, please bring me some Wine gums.. I can't get to the shops as I don't want to loose my space at the front door.... and it seems the shops around here say No Animals on the front door. Charming
  5. Wow, A Captains Chair.. Cant wait, got to have a go at that. Gonna feel sorry for person who sits in the chair after me... Im moulting like mad... Its the Moulting Season for me...
  6. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Thats better.
  7. Wow, thats my 12th Cancelation... I think SM want me to stay away this year... Must of been all that sand I brought in last year..
  8. I think the best way of looking at this, is draw up your own photoshoot time table, see how many times you have to change it from now to the show.... Everyone is waiting, it really won't be too long... Then starts the Clashes, which bring another 600 questions to the Mods... Who wants to be a Mod? Lets give them space and time.. it will come.
  9. I don't know any of them, but it seems the guests like having photos with a camel, so can't complain..
  10. Gutted.. I think we should have some replacement guests please..
  11. A Policeofficer stopped..
  12. hope there are some questions about Camels...
  13. Good Announcement SM, Not sure how I missed this Announcement..
  14. I'm going to go down on one hoof and ask Tricia Helfer if she would like to share my cream cake..
  15. Thats Mads-mazing