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  1. Well, I'm going to wear this then...
  2. I hope Adam will be wearing his Bat suit... Going to have this photo taken.....
  3. Finally SM has got Andrew Lincoln to attend
  4. Its Tom Hardy.. Oops have I given it away, Sorry SM
  5. Ok, its been very quiet here, So I thought I add some more names... I'm sure you have had these, but please consider.. From Star wars; A New Hope... Michael Bell.. General willard Chris Bunn.. ..stormtrooper Ted western.. Merc sunlet Tim Dry... j'quille Laurie Goode X wing pilot Garrick Hagon.. Biggs Nick Joseph Medal Bearer Eileen Roberts.. Mosep Binned Peter Roy.. Rebel Engineer Do you know who played the Tuskin Raiders? From Empire Strikes Back.. Trevor Butterfield.. Bossk Mac McDonald... Rebel Pilot From Return of the Jedi.. Michael Henbury.... Ewok Gerald Home.. Captain Verrack Terry Sach... A Wing pilot John Simpkin.. Klaatu Tina Simmons... rebel technician Paul Springer.. Ree yees David Stone.. B Wing Pilot. Simon williamson... MaxRebo Please.........
  6. It's going to be me
  7. Do the Pre Orders get a Refund to?
  8. Maybe Felicity Jones
  9. Whoa, lets hope a Star Trek event..
  10. What a great shame, great actor.. Extreme Prejudice is one of my favourite movies. RIP big fella
  11. Bump, Bump, Bumpy, Bump Cough cough..
  12. I'm so confused?
  13. Bump..