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  1. a great location paul darrow craig charles tom baker matt smith peter capaldi david tennant jemma coleman dave prowse james bond girls burt ward cast of dexter cast of the A team
  2. Gutted rip adam the best batman tv ever had
  3. Rip adam west has sadly passed away
  4. after all the requests for Adam west you have got him :-) brilliant and thanks for listening showmasters now any chance of Burt ward too?
  5. Brian cranston from the original and new power rangers
  6. Adam west and burt ward with the classic batmobile please also both cat women from 1966 series and the batman movie would be great too Lee meriwether Julie newmar
  7. Can't believe no one's asked for the other 2 defenders charlie cox Krysten ritter and the villans David Tennant Vincent d'onofrio
  8. are there any tickets left please mods?
  9. adam west and burt ward lee meriwether
  10. hi very nice guest addition any chance of a send in option on pre order?
  11. cool guest. can extra autographs be purchased? or is it one auto per diamond pass as id like an additional photo signed :)
  12. yet another screen icon gone RIP :-(
  13. great news brilliant work guys any chance of preorder for those who have already sent items in?