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  1. <self deleted... already answered elsewhere>
  2. Excellent. Thanks for the easy to download jpeg
  3. My wife loves Hollyoaks. She'll be delighted by this guest. Thanks.
  4. I didn't notice, was he only attending one day originally?
  5. Yeah, I was gutted she cancelled, but they brought in Sibel Kekilli as a replacement. She was lovely as well.
  6. Another incredible guest. I was disappointed when she cancelled a few years ago, so delighted to have the chance to meet her again. I'm so skint now!
  7. If you don't meet this guy... please hand back your Geek Card He's been in so many sci-fi shows! Brilliant guest.
  8. I was there in 2015 and I remember the Gold queue being a bit shambolic on the Friday. They didn't pass out wristbands until after opening time and regular passes were gaining access to the venue before half of the Gold queue were processed.
  9. Shame, I was looking forward to adding her signature to my poster. Hope she attends some other time...
  10. An amazing sci-fi legend. Brilliant guest SM!
  11. Gutted, was looking forward to meeting a rare Dexter guest. Ah well, best of luck to her.
  12. Outstanding guest. Can't wait to meet him.
  13. Wow, just wow! Can't wait!
  14. Aww, got the refund email today Oh well, at least it isn't a last minute cancellation. I'll put the refund towards another guest.