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  1. I had a great day today. Really enjoyed the show. Great guests. Good dealer stalls. All round well done from me.
  2. Booked a photo shoot without second thought! Brilliant announcement.
  3. Brilliant is all I can say. Oh and also, Janet Fielding?
  4. Tom baker yes please!! Meanwhile Lalla photoshoot not yet listed to buy
  5. Sorry, no longer attending Friday
  6. I've just had an email refunding Kirsty Alley photoshoot, no longer attending...???
  7. Booked photo. Easy option. Great announcement.
  8. She was a lovely lady to meet today. Thank you
  9. Looking forward to a photo shoot for my classic who guests 😊
  10. Margot was lovely when I met her previously. And I loved her talk.😊
  11. Sarah is lovely. Met her few years back in Cardiff. A definite group shot with Jack and Terrace 😆😆😆
  12. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson please with a double photo shoot 😆