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  1. Please email, this shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Remember Me
  3. 7189
  4. 619
  5. Stephen King
  6. I would suggest that something like this will not be happening I'm afraid.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have any details on how this one is going to be set up, as soon as we have some more info one of us will post.
  8. As Namine says, due to the incident in Manchester the office are in discussion with our venues and security providers, there will be an update on revised procedures in the near future.
  9. The office are currently in discussions with our venues and security providers. Full details will be posted on here as soon as we have them.
  10. We haven't had any confirmation on this as yet so will update shortly.
  11. The Pre-Order Store is updated peridically and inbetween events, please bear in mind that they will be primarily dealing with Newcastle and Collectormania at the minute. There is absolutely no reason to suggest Mike will cancel.
  12. As Reylenth says we will update the list in due course. At this stage there are no Diamond exclusive guests.
  13. I would imagine very busy!
  14. Unfortunatley the mods have no further info on this, as I mentioned in a previous threads group shots do take more time to organise sadly.