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  1. Polite reminder folks, discussion of other events is not permitted on the SM forum. Thanks
  2. We have an exciting new guest announcement coming tomorrow at 7pm, so keep an eye on the Forum, Facebook & the LFCC Website!
  3. I'm afraid this is extremely unlikely, for a number of reasons. As Reylenth says, Ian is only with us for a day and due to the prosthetics involved as well as costuming this would take the majority of the day and would leave no time for any other activity.
  4. SM will never comment on guest negotiations I'm afraid.
  5. WOW!! Cannot wait for this.
  6. They just haven't been added yet but will be soon.
  7. A friendly reminder folks re discussion of other events, as has been mentioned previously even if you don't mention the event directly, if it's enough to find it in google it's enough to count as a breach of our forum rules so please avoid doing so.
  8. Thanks Reylenth, will get it sorted ASAP.
  9. Mrs Queen is currently enjoying the Celebrations over in Disneyland Paris, but consider a stern finger shake on her behalf Lol
  10. Excellent news.
  11. I nearły used you as an example but didn't want to name names lol, I think you are QS' crowing achievement when it comes to titles.
  12. Pele tickets are still available but are now very limited availability.