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  1. At this point we have nothing to suggest otherwise
  2. No it hasn't, will likely be after Monday.
  3. Floorplan can be found here, this will give you an idea.
  4. Yes the schedule will be amended to reflect recent cancellations and additions. Go to Deep Roy first as he is the shorter of the two shoots then over to Sylvester.
  5. All I can advise is that you speak to the crew at the start of the shoot and explain your situation and can evidence that you will have a travel issue. Unfortunately we can offer no guarantees on here.
  6. There is generally a limit of 5 items per guest, as it stand we have heard nothing different for this show.
  7. Looks good to me, that's how I'd do it.
  8. It's like a protective wallet, similar sort of thing you'd get with a theme park ride photo
  9. A revised schedule is being worked on and should be up in the very near future.
  10. Unfortunately it does appear that Doug is unable to join us at LFCC, the office are in the process of getting this final confirmation and a cancellation thread will likely be posted soon.
  11. 1. The queues move very quickly once doors open, you will be in ok time to get to this photo 2. You don't need a gold or diamond pass to get through photo sessions, these passes just give you an extra priority. There is no reason you would not get your photo and as such refunds are not given.
  12. Just to add to all the replies on this topic, in terms of it only being a 5 minute shoot, bear in mind it does literally take seconds to have your picture taken and for it to be produced.
  13. All the guests in the original post will be attending, there was just too many to list on the schedule without making it look to out of place I would imagine.
  14. You should be absolutely fine, diamonds go first so you should be out by 17:25.
  15. I'm going to head to bed now as well, its been a long day and sadly I'm on 12 hour nights the next three days . Will check back in the morning. Night All!