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  1. He seems to be doing more cons these days. Really hope he can be persuaded to do a uk show.
  2. Is there still a Hellraiser talk?
  3. Sean Chapman would be a suitable replacement
  4. It's inevitable that showmasters will eventually put on a horror only con. For the last few years I've understood their argument that they won't get the same numbers that say collectormania bring in... but things have changed over the last 2 years. Helped by the resurgence of vinyl and now VHS tapes, the horror genre is now the most popular it's been since the mid 80s. Just think about all the new horror films that are being released lately. Also, there's so many new companies being born to accommodate the need for new horror memorabilia. Off the top of my head I can count 6 horror cons the UK is getting this year. 2 years ago, there were none!
  5. Bump! Any chance of a last minute addition to Glasgow or Newcastle to go with Mark Rolston and Janette Goldstein? Cynthia Scott perhaps?
  6. Cool guest but I remember meeting him at Collectormania when it was only £15 for his autograph.
  7. Really hope she's a future guest!
  8. A very cool guest! Would love to get a Star Trek poster signed, but just can't justify the price. Especially considering anyone in the country who wanted an autograph and photo with Chris Hemsworth less than a couple of months ago got it for free.
  9. Eric Bana would be a great guest. Has he done a convention before?
  10. It would be great to have actors from the 2009 reboot - Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and Bruce Greenwood are realistic guests.
  11. Damn. One of only two I was going for!
  12. Michael Rooker is a convention regular so doesn't really fit in with the 'big' guest. He probably does 5-10 events a year.
  13. I've always hoped Earl Boen would be at an event.
  14. The new Twin Peaks teaser features HDS. I'm sure he would appeal to Twin Peaks fans if he was at an event.
  15. Alien Day and no Alien guests announced!!!!! Missed a trick there SM.