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  1. 2017 is Dave Prowse last year of appearancea

    Met him on 2015 and glad I did. He was very nice.
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Hell yeah!
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Hugh Dancy Lee Pace Jonny Lee Miller JJ Feild Daniel Radcliffe Ioan Gruffudd
  4. Your Favourite Autographs?

    I have so many that I love but if I should choose one, then it would be this. David Hewlett has been my favourite for years and this photo I chose specifically when meeting him for the second time out of three so far and he wrote a message I asked him to write, which is my favourite quote of his character in Stargate Atlantis :) You can see the rest of my autos here: www.sammysautographs.weebly.com
  5. Guest Suggestions

    Nathan Fillion

    He will be missed
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - ALAN TUDYK

    He was my first and only diamond pass and I loved every second of it. So worth it. His talk was hilarious. I would have loved to "win" the signed Stargate boxset
  8. Big Bang Prop Set

    Yeah at first I was unimpressed but I did budget for it, so I went ahead with it and it turned out pretty ok :)
  9. I don't think they do, I collected it when I was leaving and I just showed my pass and no one enquired if I'm stil entitled to it or of I already have one.
  10. I was told on Friday that I could collect my print later, so I asked if they have a checklist to see who collected what and they said no, so I'm not surprised some people took advantage of that.
  11. This happened with someone I know yesterday (they were let in after DP collection with no ticket, no bag search) and I did go and raised the issue with a red shirt and she said she'd pass it onto the office. Although I think it's the venue staff not really doing their job.
  12. Just FYI, the link for Sunday shows Saturday again.
  13. I only need it before my shoot with Alan Tudyk on Friday. But I ubderstand that the diamond pass pick up is beyond the scanners to get in, so how would I go about that? Go outside, collect the pass and go in again?
  14. So...if I don't pick up my diamond pass on the Thursday...do I have to do it on Friday before I start queing to get in? I have weekend entry. It's in the same area, but I don't really ger the organization. Will there be two queues, one for diamonds, one for entry? What if I want to collect my pass after I'm in, say, 11am on Friday?