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  1. There are two guests I desperately want to meet that I haven't yet and, seeing as you've announced one of them (Cirroc Lofton!), I might as well give you the other so you can make my trip even better: Marc Alaimo. Not that I'm picky or anything.
  2. Oh, I have had such a rotten day and this has made it ALL BETTER. Thank you!
  3. Arghhhh! I was so happy when she was announced as I couldn't go to the other con she attended. Ah, well - here's hoping for another chance at a future LFCC.
  4. Have met him before but am awfully tempted to do so again...
  5. Awwww, that's a pity. Another time, I hope.
  6. Got my refund for Ron's DP today OK - am I right in presuming that the double-shoot with Doug will be refunded soon as well? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere... Edit: never mind - it's arrived!
  7. No-o-o-o - not again! Ahhh, well - maybe next year... [hopeful icon]
  8. My thanks to the crew, who did their usual excellent job.
  9. Just a couple for me this time. Ming-Na Wen Julie Benz
  10. Nice bloke. Last time I met him the Pycelle pics had run out (got a Star Wars one instead). Wondering whether to risk another go...
  11. I loved the MK Collectormania, but if it's going to be at the NEC around this time of year, I can adjust. ;) I enjoyed myself this year.
  12. The space and aircon were absolute bliss. Was seeing only two guests this weekend and got my autos in record time (by 9:45am!! Never happened before ever!), so a very relaxed event for me. My friend had a fair number of photoshoots at the same time, but she managed them without issues, so a good time for both of us.
  13. She was lovely. And a total pro for coming over here so soon after her op. She was in a wheelchair and sitting for her photoshoot, but she was smiling and chatting both times I saw her. What a trooper! So glad I got to meet her.
  14. I used to do something alone these lines for Hallowhedon. *cries* OK, here goes... My Name That I Respond To IRL: Amanda. Or, "O Captain! My Captain!" My Rough Age: Graaaaaa47aaaar. Rough enough for you? My Main Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek, BtVS, Supernatural, Elementary, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, OK, stopping now. Most People Love This Fandom But I Strongly Dislike: Well, I never liked Arrested Development. Ooo, and I tried watching the original Twin Peaks and decided it was bat$#@!. I loved David Lynch's Dune, but this was too much. Favourite Guest I've So Far Met: DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. On the shortlist: Robert Englund, Michael Ironside, Nathan Fillion, George Takei... Biggest Name Guest I've So Far Met: Define "Big". I suppose Terry Pratchett and Patrick Stewart are probably the most recognizable... Ultimate Dream Guest I'd Love To Meet: I have a list, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is at the top of it. Have been Denied so far for various reasons... However A More Realistic Dream Guest Would Be: Hey, JDM is totally possible. One day. More possible than David Boreanaz, say. I Plan To Be At LFCC 2017 On These Days: Sat/Sun. I Will Most Likely Be Wearing: Some non-fandom-specific metal T-shirt. As Well As The Guests, I Will Also Be Attending To: Meet friends and do a spot of exercise. Oh, and perhaps Dreeenk. The local Pizza Express does a quite decent Prosecco... Favourite Colour: Black. Favourite Movie: I like lots of movies, but the game-changer was Star Wars. Favourite Food: Anything involving lots of flavours. Pizza, tapas, whatever. Favourite Book: This is like asking me who my favourite child is. If I had any. But you get the gist. Favourite Series Of Books: Probably The Dresden Files. I do have an appalling amount of love for that series. Favourite Video Game: The Longest Journey. Yeah, haven't played for a while. Favourite Item Of Merchandise: My Godsend sword that I bought at one of the Eclipse (Heroes) cons. Favourite Person With The Screen Name "Stenun" Who Started This Thread: Who? Other Information About Me That I Want To Mention: I Am Geek. Other Information About Me That I Don't Want To Mention: If I don't want to mention it, it's not going in here. (My friends probably know all there is to know about me already.)
  15. STDE was held in Hall 4.